As Light Travels

As light travels

As someone who fancies myself a photographer at times and general connoisseur of electron-equipped devices a-plenty, I know very little about light.    I mean, I know that light travels in waves and that different wavelengths are perceived on that part of the EM spectrum as colors by the gelatinous orbs in our skulls.  I know about some of the various units of measurement that humans have devised to describe it's intensity and other properties.

But to comprehend the movement, speed and dynamics of how light travels?   I just don't REALLY understand it.

I've read every possible simplified thing on relativistic speeds, the effects on light as it travels through space-time, as gravity distorts its path or as observers perceive it.

I don't REALLY- FULLY understand light.

I can look through a telescope and get that, yes -- that point of light I see is actually the state of that object millions - or - billions - of years ago.  I get that.. Kinda.

But.. what is light.  Can you describe it? I can try but I always fail.

Is light, merely the absence of dark?  What does it taste like? What does it feel like?

Maybe our senses weren't designed to really understand things like light or.. gravity.

Maybe even those highly educated PHD's you see on the History Channel describing physics to us, really don't understand light either.  

(or maybe they do.)

I'm comfortable in the fact that in the way that most artists don't know what their paint taste like, most photographers really don't "get" light..  Even if they say they do.
You can make - or capture - an image without being a physicist.   Don't let them tell you otherwise.