I was asked to speak on a panel this week with a group of professional photographers.    

Among those on the panel..

Probably the best nature and wildlife photographer in Alabama
A renowned, published-more-times-than I can count fashion and portraiture artist
A state-wide photography contest winner, accomplished photography trainer & portrait master
A well recognized & respected portrait & dance/arts photographer

Then me.

I really had no business being there but I sure had a good time.
The questions from members were strong, often too strong to honor with useful answers in a 1 hour panel.

The question about micro-four-thirds...   Easy big boy.. :)  I could speak for hours on interchangeable lens mirror-less cameras.   The goods, the bads, where I see this heading, which cameras I've used and what I thought of each. 

(I've used most of them)

Afterwards, I strolled down to the Fairhope Pier Marina to check on my sailboat, which has been waiting patiently to receive power from the City.   There amongst the slips, I saw parallels in the evening and my "career" as a photographer.

One boat, something near a 40-footer, houses live-aboard transient world-travelers.  Professional Sailors.

One boat, another 40 footer was decked out with two furling and all the rigging to be single handed by an accomplished sailor.
Then, there was my boat.  Freshly sailed but dirty.   In need of some canvas work, minor engine repair and some time-consuming cabin window cleanup.    Not even close to sunk like some of the other ghostly boats in the marina but not exactly a showpiece, either.

I think that describes me pretty well.   Not quite sunk but not quite "done" either.
Either way, I'm pretty happy being a casual photographer.  Those professionals have deadlines and expectations.  Every one of them are orders of magnitude better at this craft than I but hey - there's something liberating about being free to create and explore.  

The pool-side Moscato later on, pictured here, was pretty tasty, too. :)
Thanks for the invite!  It was totally fun!