Baldwin County Fair

 A Swingin' Good Time

This week, the County Fair is in town @ Robertsdale.   I suppose I'm not like alot of people I know that are bullish on the fair.   I've heard alot of comments on the price of admission, the price for ride tickets, etc.   In fact, as I scarfed down a $6 nacho, I overheard the people next to me bitching about $8 beer.

To me, if you are going to be a Lemming and drink Bud/Miller/PBR at a fair... Expect to be gouged.  :)


At any rate..  I suppose my fond memories relate back to high school.   A good friend of mine lived right across from the old fairgrounds.   While, for them it was an annoyance in traffic, I always thought it was really cool to have the lights and rides right outside your front porch. 

Of course, being a devious sort, fair-time often signalled a week-long war of police tape and any possible thing he could do to keep people from parking in his dad's yard.  Toilet paper...  was just the beginning. 

This time, met up with a photography friend as as always, I had a really fun time shooting over at the fellow troublemaker, Brody, We had plenty of laughs and he showd me some tips on shooting long exposure.

Time Machine

Don't Do Drugs -  Stay in School

Light-writing for the lazy person :)

This also made for a good opportunity to put the new iPhone camera to work.   This shot is using the iPhone 5's internal panoramic sweep mode, adjusted in-camera with snapseed and slightly noise-reduced on upload to smugmug through lightroom.

The result, I thought was pretty respectable considering it came from a camera-phone..

..And of course, I toted around the D800 with a tripod.  Received many odd looks but also took a slightly tighter cropped panoramic with it:


I learned in this.. that I really-really want a better wide-angle lens.   The 14-24mm is calling me. :)

Something to do.

If you are in Baldwin County, take some time and go out to the fair. Grab some Nachos and enjoy the sights and sounds. You'll have fun -- I did!. The Eastern Shore Camera Club, goes Friday night. Jump on over to their facebook area and hook up with a great/fun group of people that enjoy the call of photography.