Photo Walks & Outings this Year

In Need of a Golf Club

I'm working to try to formulate some plans regarding Photo walks and outings in case anyone wants to come hang out..

The Scott Kelby WorldWide Photo Walk, locally will be represnted by a mid-morning walk in Fairhope, Alabama and a Late Afternoon photo walk in Orange Beach.    I'm planning to attend both.

Fairhope's Walk:

Orange Beach's Walk:

The Eastern Shore Camera Club does a Holiday-Season photo walk in the December timeframe.   The details aren't out yet but count me in on that one, when it get announced..  for more details

In the interim..  I was thinking of putting together a couple "small group" outings towards the end of summer and possibly in that period of fall between the Kelby photowalk and the holiday season.   

If anyone has any locations or suggestions, I'm wide-opened to hear them.  If I don't get any suggestions this week, we'll let the ol' magic of random choose for us!