Night Train -- The end of a trip..

Night Train

It was our last day at the Disney Parks & our second trip during this stay to The Magic Kingdom.   
Sometime around 11pm, Dina was doing some shopping I watched a really impressive show, where they project a photo-slideshow of the park's day onto the castle.  

The kids were asleep in the stroller, we finally managed to wear them out :)  As of the second day of the trip, I was about ready to head home.   I'd lost a good deal of productivity@Work and knew we had a ton of work waiting on us when we got back.  It was hot, it rained alot. It was crowded.   

How I miss the freedom of going to Disney during the off-season.   I'm an "off-season" kinda guy.
Apparently if you take your kids out, the school system can publicly execute you or something.  

All hail our public education overlords.

An unscheduled-as-far-as-I-know, night parade started and proved to be a fun opportunity to practice some hand-held night-time photography.   It was a really fun and mostly uncrowded way to end our trip!