Let's Start a Drive-In Chain

Let's Start a Drive-In

I miss Drive-Ins.     

I'm a little young to have truly experienced the Drive-In Era.

I have vague recollection of seeing parts of some Charles Bronson movie at the drive-in when I was too young to see Charles Bronson movies.

(That is Charles Bronson, the ridiculous mustachio'd bad - ass heavily armed viglilante, not the Charles Bronson  you see on Gas Pumps in Florida, warning about Drive-offs and ethanol percentages.)

Anyway.  Let's start a drive-in.   I just need a financier and business person.   I'll handled the technical details of the FM-Broadcast system, projectors, manage construction of the screen, find and acquire property in the area.

I will find and train a manager who will maintain an appropriate workforce of low-wage teenagers.

I need a business person to handle setting up the Business Documents, Franchise Rights & to help to finance the project.  My salary will be $1/year for 2 years and I only want 32% ownership stake.

Willing to start immediately :)