Private Pier (and a camera for sale)


Private Pier

umm.. the pier.. isn't for sale.   This is the private pier in Orange Beach that is located about halfway between the Romar Beach Public Access and the pass at the Flora-Bama line.    I parked at Romar Beach and made the trek to the pass and back, the other day -- after work.  

Doing so, I learned that 1) I really like jogging on the beach and listening to headphones.  2) I really like taking pictures along our public beaches and 3) I was completely wrong in how I thought I would use my current cameras.

When I bought the A77, I always intended it as a "hip camera" for photo walks.   When I preordered the D800, I always intended it as a tripod/scenery camera.   The lenses on the Sony are pretty great, less expensive than their Nikon counterparts.    The 16-50mm kit lens might just be the clearest piece of glass on the planet.

and so, as I made my trek, here I was adorned in what I thought would be my perfect "photo walk" gearing.

A 10 lb 36 megapixel perched on my mid-size manfrotto tripod, awkwardly acting as a walking-stick.   A 5 lb camera on a sling at my side.   Ipod Nano jamming. Ready to do business.   Watchout seagulls...

Yeah, I'm stupid. 

A human being can only really use one camera at a time and I'm not a serious, professional-need-my-camera-to-provide-for-family type of guiy, so I don't need two really super ridiculous expensive cameras on me at the same time.  Besides... if I'm equipped with a super wide angle lens and then some portrait-worthy person walks up and I don't have that portrait-ready hip cam to use, is it really the end of the world?  Nope.

Moreso, I really don't need to own two of them at one time.

So, with the Sony A77 back in my possession from having the LCD replaced that I scratch and in as-new condition, I'm sad to see it go.

But, it will.