An Easter History Lesson to my Future Grandchildren

from Film - The Blakeley Crosses

Gather round, boys and girls, to grandpa's hover-rocking chair and let me pontificate on how things once were.   In my day,  iPods were called walkman.  Cars ran on fossil fuel, their potential output measured in cubic inches of displacement, not kilovolts.

Liquor contained actual alcohol, a by-product of a thoughtful, artisan fermentation process; not this synthehol garbage you kids drink today.

Cameras were different back then.  Take this photo for example.    As I clicked the button, a shutter curtain briefly opened exposing a plastic strip of film, coated in silver halide salts to a specific amount of light.   None of these 128-gigapixel, light-field semiconducting sensors in today's newfangled cameras.    Yep.   Back then we snapped a shot, sent the film off to have it developed and didn't see the result of our work for weeks.

A really miserable way to determine you left the ol' lens cap on all day during your trip to Rome.  :)

Okay kids, that's enough, grandpa needs a post-lunch, mid-afternoon nap.   Go play with the robotic dog.

…lol .. sorry.

The Easter Bunny delivered my negatives and scans from the recent photo walk with the Eastern Shore Camera Club @ Blakeley.   I shot with 35mm and an iPad that afternoon.  It is nice to finally get to see some of the results…   Digital Photography sure has us spoiled in a great way.    Still… if you have a film camera around… I'd recommend using it for an outing, if nothing else - to hone technique and learn to appreciate the conveniences we take advantage of!