The EXTREME ZOO EXPERIENCE!!! Post #3 -- Cellphones & A Shark Tank


You know how some folks wear their cellphones as a piece of jewelry.   Like, folks that wear the bluetooth headset, everywhere.   They start talking and -they don't make eye contact -- so you don't know if they are speaking to you, the voices in their head or the voice in their ear.

So, in this installment of the extreme zoo experience, my suggestions to liven up and Americanize the Zoo experience, I introduce to you - the cellphone shark tank.      What we do here, is place a person's cellphone in a water tight, opaque enclosure and throw them in the shark tank.   The cellphone owners, we wrap in bloody muscle meat and invite them to dive for their cellphone.   They can keep any cellphones they manage to harvest.

It's sort of like, a shell-game, meats shark-week, meets The Price is Right. 

.....I say this all tongue in cheek, of course.   Just poking fun at our American need to entertainment-alize (tm)  everything.