The EXTREME ZOO EXPERIENCE!!! Post #2 -- EXTREME "Arm" Wrestling

Trunk Wrestling
Can you imagine trying to arm wrestle an elephant's trunk?  How completely stupid, erm, I mean  -- awesome would that be??   I mean.... can you see the contestants lining up to answer such a challenge???   Never has there been a more concentrated collection of skoal cans and rebel flag bandannas in one place!

Or... maybe the crowd could place bets and have the elephants trunk-wrestle one another!  Yes -- brilliant.  The winner gets to eat dinner that night.   The looser gets to mull in hunger and consider the sting of defeat, fuel for tomorrow rematch!!!

It could be telecast on ESPN-5.  The T-Shirt sales alone should match annual ticket sales to the Zoo.

.....I say this all tongue in cheek, of course.   Just poking fun at our American need to entertainment-alize (tm)  everything.