Gates 4 ESCC Photo Share in April

I created this image for a monthly Photo Share for our Eastern Shore Camera Club meeting in April. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of directed-art, by the way. 

I have no problem finding things I consider art-like in the world around me so I don't particularly care for a curated theme. 

Still, this call was for interesting shots of Doors, Knobs, Windows, Gates or Fences. It was really quite interesting to see what everyone came up with turning such mundane things into something pretty or interesting. So, maybe I'm saying that I'm a little less, anti-curated-theme after seeing everyone's work!

That reminds me.. I was asked how this image came to be..

So, basically, the processing was... Nik Silver EFX, Film Noire 1.   Then a little light masking back in of color from the original image.   Film Noire adds all this wonderful grain and coolness but I wanted to draw the eyes to the gate, by bringing in a small amount of color on the gate, it makes the gate less grainy and helps the viewer eyes to not be so distracted by the grain elsewhere in the image.