The Extreme Zoo Experience!! Post #1 - Who Changes the Litter Box?



I've never really been super-excited about Zoos.   Don't get me wrong, I think animal conservation is cool and I like to see exotic animals but it can be a bit boring staring at sedated animals through plexiglass.   
Maybe if there was some more interaction with the audience.    

Take this Lion, for instance.   Instead of feeding it nyquil-laced porkchop every 4 hours: 
Randomly pick an adult ticketholder.    Spray them down with some wild pheromones and outfit them with a jacket full of raw meat.  Then, off the races.   

Place bets on who wins?   Seems way more exciting.    

Sure, there are kinks to work out but I think we are onto something.  I know that I for one prefer there to be a little more danger involved with spotting wild animals.    But, I guess if that were the case, the I wouldn't have brought the kids along.

They had an absolute blast.  Support your local Zoo and consider investing in hopped-up-lion-races, coming to an animal race park near you. 

.....I say this all tongue in cheek, of course.   Just poking fun at our American need to entertainment-alize (tm)  everything.