State of..Our.. Affairs

Small house, big yard

Anybody want to buy a small house with a big yard?

I've been thinking about my dad lately.. Election season, maybe..

Dad was the kind of man who voted down party lines.  The thing is, it was always the opposite party of whoever was mutually agreed to currently control the power in this country.  He voted for President Bush (43) in his first term and voted against him in the second term.  He voted for President Obama but quickly turned to hate him, as he hated every sitting president.

I think dad did what an increasing number of Americans do.   He transposed any dissatisfaction in his current state of affairs onto the sitting Government.  "I am sick all of the time and poor, therefor the Government is bad."

|Don't get me wrong, I have my own opinons on the screwed up nature of Healthcare, Wellfare Programs, Economy and a host of Social issues...  

But I don't vote down party lines. 

Maybe the reason I was thinking of Dad wasn't the incessant barrage of robo-calls we've received this week but perhaps it was the decision to sell my house, pictured here. 

I can hear Dad's voice in my head, powered by an amalgamation of knowledge collected from Talk Radio, Both Cable News Networks, editorials and Sound Off he would formulate the opinion at this moment, that I am indeed insane for trying to sell my house at the bottom of the market.

He'd always have a fun and colorful way of expressing to me the lack of wisdom in my decisions.  Something like... "You would have to be a god-$@%d fool to try to sell your house in this market.."  
I never shied away from those chats..  Whether or not he was correct in his judgement, I always valued the input and enjoyed the colorful delivery.

I could also hear him say, "You are blankity - blanking crazy for posting photos of your house, with an address, online." 

Dad, if someone wants to come try to steal my 4 year old TV with weird colors (and are willing to risk life to do so..) .. I could always use the target practice.  ;)

I guess.. maybe I inherited some of his colorful delivery...