It's a Small World..

Small World
It truly is a small world.

My little family has long since outgrown the small house we bought when I was 18.
As we work to fix that house up and enter this dismal housing market, we have been pondering the potential of a move.  The adventurer in me would love to move…  elsewhere…   over seas, to some other country.    No time of year reminds me of the allure of being an expatriate like the circus of election season.  I digress..

l’m certain those distant shores will never been called home.  Remaining family and friends that are dear as family provide adequate anchor.   Besides, there are certainly worse places in which to call hone.
Speaking of it being a small world.    I moved here, around  ’92, from the small town of Borden, Indiana.   I attended elementary and middle school at the school some of you may have seen on the  news recently, the tornado ravished town of Henryville, Indiana.

My memories of Indiana have faded over the years.   I make it back infrequently enough to be counted as a bad brother, cousin, nephew.   You know how it is.  Life gets in the way.   It is always “that next project at work..”    or “that next field trip…” and when we do finally take a vacation, there often seem to be more alluring places to visit than the Ohio Valley.

Still, seeing my old home town on the news this week has provoked some poignant thoughts.  With thoughts turned to the loss of life and utter destruction, my heart reaches out to the people affected by this tragedy.  

Moments like these remind us that what happens in one part of our world, affects us at home.   We are, after all, neighbors.