Planes.. on the wall.. Planes.. on the ceiling..

Planes on the Wall, Planes on the Ceiling

One of my remaining hobbies.. is to fly R/C aircraft.  I've built some pretty elaborate models, flown them, crashed them, rebuilt them....  Rinse, repeat.     A few years ago, however, I discovered the joy of impact-foam.

There are these very highly capable planes made of impact-resistant-styrofoam that come nearly completely ready to fly and for a fraction of the cost of the planes I used to fly.    What is most enjoyable about this route is that a person can spend the time flying - not building. 

As a result, I'm a pretty good R/C pilot.  Helis & planes, this "new" generation of moderately cheap R/C models allows a person the luxury to focus on flying skills instead of gluing skills.   

Given this hobby, I've always wanted a proper space to tinker and display aircraft that I've learned to fly.   I imagine this small 1 - car enclosed garage with some planes dangling from the celing or hanging from the walls.   I have no such proper location at this time but.. one day!

This is probably why I like the Naval Aviation Museum so much.   If I can find wonder in 2 or 3 floam flyers hanging from a shed ceiling, imagine the kid-wide-eyedness of seeing this place with their hundreds of actual aircraft on display :)