Out, Damned Spot!


Taken near Kingdom Hall and the Baldwin Rural Area Transport Service station in Robertsdale.   I leaned out the car to snap this photo after leaving the Law Enforcement Memorial.   That's my excuse for it not being so great. ;)
This photo had some spots, both from the lens (actually, the polarizer filter) and dust on the sensor.
I made a quick video of how to use Photoshop to remove the spots you see in high f-stop blue-sky shots.
BTW: I highly recommend the Giottos Rocket Air Blaster to get stubborn spots of your sensor.   Use with caution, though - If you touch your sensor, you could damage the low pass filter that covers your sensor.  That's a costly repair.
If that doesn't get your spots out,  I recommend having a professional do it.   I use these guys:
Very fast turnaround, great/solid work.
I've tried the Eclipse Pads and Static brushes myself without much success.   I didn't damage my sensor, just made it dirtier with dried out Eclipse pads or goofy little fuzzies from the $45 static brush.
Just have them do it :)