Small Town, U.S.A; 2011

Video of how this was created:

Busy day today, taking photos.   CSU gives employees the day off for their birthdays (a pretty epic benefit, I think)  I spent my free day with the camera..   Two farms, The Sheriff's Office Memorial Park, NAS Whiting Field, Malbis Memorial Church and the grounds of US Sports Academy were my photography stops today.  I collected enough material on the trip that I'll be sifting through and posting for a week or so, easily.

I thought I'd start sharing today's results with this rendition of a farm on the west side of Highway 59 as you come into Robertsdale from the North.  I've been doing the bike-ride or jog thing at late and these farm landscapes have captured my attention.  I decided this one would be a good aged photo-looking candidate; your thoughts?