Make Dad a Collage (with Video)

Here's how I made this:
What the hell do you give your dad for father's day when there stands a high likelihood it could be his last?
I found out a few weeks before Father's day that it looks like my dad's battle with cancer has suffered some setbacks.  His diagnosis ranges from months to years.  After all, Doctor's are practicing medicine.
Skepticism for "hallmarky" commercialism born made-up holidays aside, one thing was certain this father's day: I felt inordinate pressure to try to find "just the right" gift. 
omething with the right balance of celebration, memorialization and a touch of "foreverness".
Regardless of your religious views, parents and grandparents can find immortality in that of their children and grandchildren.   My goal was to create a keepsake photo collage of some of Dad's favorite photos of my kids.    To add the lasting sense of "foreverness", I had this panoramic put on a Metal Print from Bay Photo.  
The result is better than I could imagine.
Looking for something to give Dad this father's day?  Why not dust off your photoshop skills and make him a collage of the grandkids or even of yourself.
.. and to make that print truly archival, I highly recommend metal prints from Bay Photo.    I printed this one through my smugug account.  Believe me, they do amazing work.
..and no this isn't a commercial and I didn't get paid to say that :)
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