How would you like to spend your retirement?

With full knowledge that fewer and fewer of us will achieve our goals in this area..  I'll share my dream with you. So many people, get RVs and travel the country.  I ... really don't like driving long distances, so I'm pretty sure the RV is out.

I'd like to spend a good deal of my retirement, sailing but I have some portions of this plan, still to work out.

I can sail.   I have a small sailboat that doubles as my "head down, tasks" office.   She's 29 ft, older than I am and not pictured here. Her name, Stargazer, is an omage to my real plan for retirement, one day.    To sail the seas in a 40+ footer. With a Wind Generator, Solar Panels and the loves of my life.  My wife, my telescope and camera while my children drink away my life savings in search of college degrees.

I decided to take a step in this direction, this year when I got Stargazer.. for quite a deal.  

So, now I have some practice sailing.   I'm no expert but I can drive the boat, work the sails, navigate with wind direction in mind.   Basic Skillset, Check.

My wife gets seasick.  This could be a snag.

I'm making plans to hopefully attend a week long sail school in the spring.  Get certified and when I'm really old and deranged, I can make people call me Captain.   

Much, sooner than my retirement, however -- I've been considering a change of careers.   Sort of, my pre-mid-life crisis.  I'm a really good developer but I know I'm not getting any younger and software development is a young persons' career.    Management opportunities aren't exactly falling from the sky.   Maybe I should have held on to the one I once, had.

I've seriously considered working towards a 2 year goal of trading up into that 40 foot sailboat and doing private charters on the beautiful gulf coast.   Coupled with my love for photography and some contacts, I'm sure I could make it lucrative.

Then, today as I looked up YardArm's website to post some details about the really neat restaurant/marina pictured here, I see details of a private charter that has gone out of business that was home, here.

I believe in signs.  So, is this a sign to call and buy their boat (which is for sale) or to quit daydreaming and get back to work.    My checking account leans towards the former option, so I guess I'll go program something...

Happy Monday!