Year - End Review: Down the River


I looked at my calendar today and realized how quickly the New Year is going to be upon us.  Holy 2012-Apocalypse batman, this month is going by quickly!

I thought it would be cool to intermix some of my favorite shots of 2011, between other blog posts, with the twist of some sort of "alternate" treatment so it isn't just a boring, re-post of the original.

I came across this photo and knew this was easily one of my favorite shots for the year.  Not, because I think the shot is particularly awesome but for more whimsical reasons.    As my desktop wallpaper cycles to this shot, I tend to daydream for about 2 nanoseconds that this shot was captured along some back-country river in Asia during some multiple-week trek to shoot a non-touristy portion of the Asian countryside; old monasteries or something.

..of course… even my kindergartener knows better.  This shot came from Disney's Animal Kingdom.   There was no ride through rice patties in a 60's model truck filled with chickens and farm animals to get to this point.   There were no guides and there was no hiking on snow-covered mountain peaks.  Just a jolly frolic from the frozen banana and mickey-headed ice-cream stand.

Still, a boy can dream, right?   So, that was the theme I went with in processing this.  Some over-the-top patina, overlay of an old nautical map and some other textures.
The original photo is here:
Riverside Reflections