White Fence

Whenever I see a fence, I automatically think about Tim Taylor's neighbor, WIlson.  
(Fun fact, his name, for the sake of that show, was actually, Wilson Wilson, Jr. )

Of course, for this to be that fence and Wilson to almost peer over it, he would have to be about as tall as a leprechaun.    If only I had a neighbor like Wilson, I could ask him about how tall Leprechauns were. He would surely know.

I guess, that was before Siri and Andrew, before Google was a verb and everyone had a powerful computer in their pocket disguised as a phone.  

Except for maybe James Bond and Q.  Pretty sure, they had smartphones, then.
Well, the James Bond, Q did, anyway.  The Star Trek Next Generation Q, didn't need smartphones.  He could just wrinkle his nose and alter reality @ will, so silly trivia wasn't a major problem for him.

.. or was that Jeannie that could wrinkle her nose and make things happen?
I wonder if Tim would have found a way to give a Smartphone,   "More Power!"

Maybe he would have come up with WebOS and a power-guzzling 8 core processor and in the last minute, Al would install the latest Android or IOS build, add some battery capacity and turn off 4 unused cores...

I guess, these days, he can just tell Curtis the Elf and he can make that happen.
...if you don't have a Television or didn't have one in the 80's, this post will make little sense to you, sorry.  Check
Netflix on your smartphone and you'll get the references.