Harley Davidson

Debs Bike
Harley Davidson is traded on the NYSE as HOG
Awhile back my Sister in Law dropped by the house on this beautiful piece of machinery.  She couldn't find me because I'd already grabbed a camera and started snapping away at it..
Some people, just don't get the allure to motorcycles.  I'm not one of them.

My pothead, computer hacker-phreaker friend and mentor in High School had a sportbike. (Crotch rocket)
I remember riding on that thing at 2 in the morning to various unscrupulous acts.   The freedom, the exhileration.   Oh yeah, so very awesome.    

I suppose I know that I've grown older because for the first 1/3 of my life, I've gazed lustfully towards sportbikes.
These days, a gorgeous chopper or well styled cruiser gets my attention and makes me consider a trip to a dealership.    Alas, I've never pulled the trigger on this obsession. Maybe when I get to my midlife crisis. The only bikes I've owned have knobby's and are frowned upon for street use.

Still, Harley Davidson.  What a cool history.

At the age of 21, William Harley drew up plans for a small engine to put on regular pedal-bikes of the era. (1901) By its completion in 1903, their 116 cc experiment couldn't even make it up a hill without pedal assistance. Talk about humble beginnings for a motorcycle company.   William Harley and Arthur Davidson's motorcycles have been used in two World Wars and are widely popular among freedom-seeking adults today.
However you may feel about the motorcycles, you have to respect such an iconic brand.