Shadowy Path

I've opened this photo from my 14k photo 2011 photo library with intent to process and share probably over 10 times.   Do you ever do that?  Refuse to give up on something trivial? I mean, there are 13,999 other photos I could spend my time on that might turn out decent but I end up back at this one.. :)

I guess maybe that's a sign of my OCD.

I'm still not sure on how I feel about it but I feel good enough to share to get your thoughts on it.. The ground-cover in the woods in this part of the Southeast US is always so heavily thicketed with underbrush that it makes for "busy" photos.

I think the vignetting and softening around the edges maybe downplays that somewhat.   I really enjoy walking through trails like this, where the trees create a canopy over the ground. It makes for magical shadows and light play.

Happy Humpday