Pondering a Vacation..


I've been thinking alot about vacations again.  I often get into this viscious cycle where I feel a little stressed and overworked, that maybe a vacation will help.   But, they are always so expensive, so I end up taking on extra work to help with the cost.   The extra work causes stress, which makes me think about vacations..

Funny how that works, isn't it? :)

This is a shot from the Caribbean Beach Resort @ Walt Disney World in Florida.  Despite the tone of this post, I really like this resort.  I've stayed there 4 or 5 times along with some other Disney resorts as well.  I've liked them all, actually...

I do this really unhealthy mental exercise when planning vacations and I'm curious if anyone else does this.   When booking a hotel, I tend to over-idealize what I'm going to get.  To the point that the hotel or vacation could never live up to the expectation.


I'm digging around on Disney's site and see a resort like the Caribbean Beach Resort.   They classify it as "moderate".  My brain somehow interprets moderate as "way better than value."   I see 3 or 4 stars as the hotel rating in my head, so I envision this private bungaloo on a lush Caribbean-themed landscape along with all of the amenities, excursions and peaceful relaxation of a corona commercial.

What you get instead is typical "holiday inn" architecture with some creative stucko work, nice colors on a very well maintained ground.  Sure, it is nice but you still hear families outside your window, occassional neighbors nocturnal activities and groundsworkers wielding trimmers entirely too early in the morning.

Relaxation?  Yeah right.  Bill, you have two kids, dummy.  The only time you'll get to sit down is on the hot, cramped bus from the park to the hotel.  Hammock in front of the lake with a lager in your hand?  Sure thing, boss, while the kids try to drown an endangered duck in that pond.  Not going to happen, Captain Dreamsickle.

The fun the kids have, though... and the genuine laughter and smiles.. That's the stuff.   The brochure couldn't oversell the effect this place has on kids and next time I go, that will be the real reason:    To see these two have a blast. (again)

So, anyway.. I sit here thinking about my next vacation.  I know it won't be Disney and it won't be until 2012.   Jena's mentioned Hawaii -- where I've always wanted to go but then I have to wonder.. Will the extra programming work stress really justify the experience of taking a TWO and SIX year old to the islands?  

I'm thinking something a little closer and less magical.  Maybe we'll check out the zoo.

Happy Friday Friends,

Bill Dodd

(no ducks were harmed in the making of this post)