Corn Maize


Farmers have turned to these Corn Mazes as an alternative form of revenue for their crops.   This particular shot was taken at Barnhill Farms.   This year, this particular corn maze was the victim of some mean-spirited idiots driving through their property with four wheelers, messing up the intricate pattern cut into the maze.  

Some people...

For the uninitiated it goes something like this..  A farmer plants a super dense plot of "feed corn".   When the plants are a foot or so high, the farmer contracts with a service to come out with a GPS-enabled bush-hog (mower) to cut an intricate fall-themed pattern into the crop.   The patterns are usually scarecrows, pumpkins, ghosts or Barney. Anything scary.

The farmer then maintains the maze with a normal mower.  As the unmowed portion of the crop grows, viola!  -- you have a maze through the corn.    

The farmers then charge admission and setup other games, hayrides and ag-friendly activities while thousands of families starved for something to do, bring their kids out for some hee-haw style good ol' fashion country fun.

Ya know, as I write this it occurs to me that I wouldn't qualify as the publicist for these things because I haven't made it sound fun.  It is, really.  Honest!