Tell it to the Shadows

I've always like the look of this tree, the spanish moss, against the backdrop of the pier and the Bay but I never really know how to photograph it.   If you go super wide, there is all of this junk in the way: trash cans, benches, rugged underbrush and sometimes litter  - even a porta-potty.

This perspective seemed mostly agreeable, relegating the details to the shadows, since the details distract in this case.

Get Your Chill On

The weather seems crazier these days or maybe we just pay more attention to it than in decades' past.

While the North/North East gets their chill on, here in the South the birds and trees are starting to signal Spring.  A little birdie told me. No, really.

See, every spring, this little bird comes and pecks at his reflection in our laundry room window.  He thinks it is a handsome looking intruder to what he has deemed to be his turf.   Every year, I get somewhat annoyed by the 6:45 am wake up calls that he provides but I am appreciative to his weather predicting capabilities.   He gets territorial, in the Spring.

We may have a few cold snaps (like today, even - in the 30s) but Spring is definitely around the corner, despite whatever the myriad of weather-predicting groundhogs might have said.

In The Bahamas, last week, it was in the low 80s / mid 70s and this hammock and I became acquainted for some time. :)