Tell it to the Shadows

I've always like the look of this tree, the spanish moss, against the backdrop of the pier and the Bay but I never really know how to photograph it.   If you go super wide, there is all of this junk in the way: trash cans, benches, rugged underbrush and sometimes litter  - even a porta-potty.

This perspective seemed mostly agreeable, relegating the details to the shadows, since the details distract in this case.

Straight Ahead

I picked up a Leica V-Lux Type 114 to take to the Bahamas next week.  I love my A7R but there isn't really a vacation lens (yet) available for it.  (Although a 24-240mm Sony FE comes out in February that would have been nice!)

It being my 15 year anniversary and a 'getaway' sort of trip, I didn't think it would be totally kosher for me to bring a bag full of lenses.   So, I was looking for a more subtle camera.   Something with a decent wide and a good zoom. 

The f2.8 to f4 24-400 Lecia glass made me give this one a try, plus the price point was within something I could do.  
I decided to take it out yesterday to catch an epic sunset and see how it performed before I committed it to the trip.

I was really pleasantly surprised by the image quality.   It handles very different than my sony.  Not different bad, just different.   
Actually, the only limitation I've run into so far is the lack of lens profile in Lightroom and that Photomatix really doesn't work well with the RAW files generated by the camera.

A bridge camera with all of the performance of Leica glass and the handling of a DSLR.  Who'd a thunk it?  :)