I've only been to one Martini Bar in my life.   We picked well.  The view was artificial but awesome.  The service was excellent and the martinis..?  Well, I don't know enough about them to tell you one way or another but the two I had seemed quite good.

More importantly, it was a rare treat to have an adult night out with my wife.  Adult nights out just don't happen often at this stage in our life!  The bartender manager called himself 'The Doctor', their product obviously, 'The Medicine.'  Our particular bartender was a 30 something man from out of the country, he worked 6 month contracts to provide for his family back home in the Philippines.  Another coworker of theirs was looking forward to going home to see her baby, soon.   She left the baby at home with her husband and also opted for this lifestyle of working out of town, sending money home to support her family.

I guess it is difficult for us to reconcile the American experience of an 8-5 job, family and mortgage with the hardships people endure in other parts of the world to gain a fraction of our comfort.