Delta Sunsets

Less than a mile north of my neighborhood sits this little boat ramp and fish camp on the Delta. I feel badly that I don't know more about it but I do surmise a few things.   

Next to a state highway, this boat ramp and fish camp advertises catfish for sale.   The main set of buildings are pretty old, as is the very kind eyed man that lives there.   Next to the main buildings, a very unique boathouse sits on the water.   I imagine his family lives here, probably a son.

In the evenings, the water grows super quiet and mirror-like and the colors and reflections really start to pop.   It's a unique place, not like many other I've seen.   In some ways, it isn't picturesque at all but in other ways it hides a charm and beauty that is genuine.

Each time I pull in around a sunset (I don't go often), the man that lives in the main house comes out on his porch to inspect.  It's weird because this is a business but it is also his home.   I always approach him with a wave and try to settle his curiosity in my presence with a smile.  I always ask if it is okay to take pictures and he's always kind with an affirmative answer but usually says very little else to me.   He's elderly, I'm healthy and try to be courteous and offer 'Is there anything I can do for you or that you need?' and he always declines.

He's not a talker but I can only imagine what he thinks about me, my foreign car and the terminator-looking camera drone that I used for shooting on this day.

To the west, sunset colors dot the sky and paste a reflection that scattered by the delta grasses below.  The sunset itself was obscured by clouds but like this place, that too lends a certain charm to the images.To the east, the boat house sits on a glass-like mirror of water surrounded by river-side tree growth.

I'm not sure what I will ever do with this video, though I have some plans that might call for some of it.  In the meantime, though.. here is some unedited footage from some drone action in this peaceful country corner.