Find Somewhere Warm

I enjoy talking to the Bartenders and other folks that work on the Islands in the Bahamas.  Their choice of lifestyle is quite interesting.  I guess because it is such a contrast from the office florescent and computer time that many of us call a work day.

Every day a new blur of tourists both young and old pass by their station.   They make drinks and small talk, share some island flavor and get some mainland gossip.

On the day this was taken, the Tiki bar closest this chair was run by a fellow named Antwon, he was from Jamaica.   He stood, cleaning glasses and singing to the Radio in enthusiastic ways.    

He had worked for the company, on this Island for 2 years.   His current contract was coming to an end in just a few days and he was lit up with excitement on the prospect of going home for awhile and seeing his girl.