The Walk to Conclusions

Are you a skeptic?   A Cynic?  How about an idealist?

It is often funny to me how blindly people will follow something that is stated as truth, so long as it is said forcefully.    

A contract developer at a certain furniture company once told me, "You don't have to know what you are talking about, you just need to project confidence with the BS you sling."

Sometimes, working in the evenings or while on the treadmill, I look for non-musical noise in order to fill the silence.   The noise keeps one part of my brain busy while the other parts try to work out problems and do technical things.  Usually, the Netflix Documentaries section are my noise of choice.

This weekend that noise came in the form of a particularly troubling set of documentaries that just didn't fact-check out very well.   I won't mention the name because it really doesn't matter but they were basically manifestos for social anarchy in the sheep's clothing of a humanist / technocratic social movement.  

I will distill the lesson down to this...

Trust.   Then Verify.   :)