Night Dwellers

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I remain a bit surprised at some of the weird crap I see, out late at night, snapping photos.    The night previous to the one where this was shot, I spent some time at the end of the pier talking to the guys fishing (it was about 1 am on Friday Night /Saturday Morning).     I came down the pier and exited to the right towards a small patch of beach to snap some milky-way shots (or.. try to).   

I hear this strange sound in the shadows about 12 feet away.   I look over and as my eyes adjust, it's a couple -- doing what couples do, right there on the public beach of the eastern shore.  I didn't linger and no I didn't take pictures but they appeared to be old enough to know better :)   

The same night, I then headed down to Fairhope Pier to find it was quite crowded.   One reveler asked that I stop and speak with his dog, (a mixed-breed Lab) because, Rex (The Lab) had to tell me something.    

... and still, the same night, I helped a boater tie off to a dock along Point Clear / Mullet Point, only for him to ask me to help break into someone's boat house "a few miles down the road" because "he never returned my nets."

Yeah, nothing caps off a photo walk like a little B&E.  No thanks.    

..and this is why I prefer night photo walks in the colder months.  The cold seems to keep the crazy away.  :)