Readily Identifiable Flying Objects

There was this thing on the news the other day about a UFO (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) it got me pondering.   My folks used to have these friends who claimed to have had several UFO, close-encounters..   As a kid living in the boonies, frankly, their stories freaked me out.     The idea of scaly-skinned, big-eyed grey beings paralyzing you in your bed at night with their near-magic technology and levitating you away into their space ship to do medical experiments, just doesn't sound appealing.

As I look back, those friends in particular used and mixed a lot of gnarly drugs.   So I'm sure any number of other mystical events occurred during their trips down psychoactive lane.

It did get me thinking.    If anyone would 'see' a UFO in the sky, why wouldn't it be the super observant photographers hanging around the Bay Fronts at night with reasonably good equipment?  Instead it is always the tourist who happened to be carrying Marty McFly's camcorder from Back to the Future.

So, this pinkish line in the horizon?  Not a UFO.  Just a helicopter.  E.T. has not introduced himself to me and the Greys?  Well, they are probably just looking for a good  sandwich..  

So thin, those things..

To the Greys out there, I recommend:

Galactic conflict, avoided.