This Weekend, in 2010

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It was Memorial Day weekend in 2010.  I reference it as the beginning of this photography adventure for me.
That April, I had renewed my interest in photography, following the Deepwater Horizon Explosion and subsequent spill.  I spent many mornings and afternoons (before work, at lunch from work or after work) on the beaches of Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, just shooting the oil spill cleanup.  

It reminded me of that brief time in my life where I wanted to be a photo journalist.   Columbia University didn't like my grades nor my parents' checkbook, so I did this computer thing, instead.

The Memorial Day weekend following the spill, we spent along the Gulf Islands National Seashore with out of town in-laws, riding jetskis, dodging lightning and drinking copious amounts of beer.   I found some time alone to walk the beaches and shoot.   See, I'd just released an iPhone app to allow people to share photography (it's down now, sorry) and these content contributors that I hired had submitted all of these amazing - looking HDR photos from several well known photobloggers , I was admittedly starry eyed.    So, I can shoot a picture of this walkway, process it with some filters and it is.. ART?     

That's amazing!  Being someone that can't draw, paint or play an instrument very well, my robot brain has been super impressed by these people around me that can draw some seemingly original piece of art on the palm of their hand, play music by ear, paint or sculpt.   Creativity is amazing.

So, I ran around with my camera and willy-nilly snapped photo after photo of boardwalks, piers and beaches. (Usually at high noon, :| )  It's Art! (Right?)  Somehow I'd gone from just running around to capture content to seed my iPhone app, to being a full on "artEEST!".    (or as Dina calls it, Artsy Fartsy)  I say this tongue-in-cheek of course.

The bottom few images on this page: contain the fruit of those outings.

I was just excited to be out taking pictures again.   I'm not sure where I thought it would take me but I think the idea of being a traveling photographer type was very romantic. Go see some parts of the world..  Get good enough and you get paid for it (somehow?).

I remember this because of this shot.    I've stood in this spot a dozen times and taken this shot a dozen times. With different gear, while listening to different music, walking with friends, walking with coworkers.  

Each photo.. amazingly.. is different.

That, I think is fascinating.   I'm still not sure if it's art, observational experimentation or just obsession.   But that's the great part.  I just don't care.   I'll keep right on doing it. :)

On the travel thing.. Headed to The Bahamas for a couple days, then Disney for a few more.  Not as a jetsetting photoblogger but as a Dad, Husband and generally tired Programmer-guy in need of a break.   Hopefully some good shots will come my way to share with you when I return.

PS.  If you are a bad guy reading this and thinking "Great, I can go rob him blind, he'll be away..."  I gotcha covered bubba.   Do yourself a favor and sit this one out.