The Waves of Change

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 Last week, Google Plus sprung a new site layout on us.   I know some folks that aren't pleased with it, to the point of abandoning the service.  At first I was resistant but I find it is more conducive to consuming photos.

Today, Flickr followed up with their new layout that seems to have caused quite a stir.  I'm still getting used to it but I think I like it.  Same reason, I think I'm seeing more of peoples' stuff than I usually did - so that will be a good thing.   There are bugs that need to be worked out, it would seem.

I hopped over to the Flickr Forums, related to bugs with the new site in order to report a bug. (Chrome on a Mac, the 'k' button doesn't work in comments.. Wierd huh?) Wowzers there were some ticked off people in that forum.
One thing's for sure.   As a developer, I feel for the dev teams working on these things, just doing their job.   "Put it back." is pretty harsh, given the hours they've most likely put into it.

What do you think of the new layout?