There Is Nothing Left to Shoot

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If you are a photographer, sitting on the fence with "I just don't know what to shoot."  This one's for you.
I hear it alot from other photography enthusiasts so often, "I just don't know what to go shoot."

There are plenty of reasons you can talk yourself out of picking up that camera in your closet and getting out there.

"The light isn't right."  "I don't have time."  "Everyone else, better than me has already shot these locations."  

..those are a few of my favorites but there are plenty more to pick from. 

On this day, I stood here at the Fairhope Pier and all of these situations applied.

It wasn't a new spot - I've been here 100 times.  It wasn't quite golden hour.  I didn't really have time - needed to be somewhere shortly..    I've seen a hundred photos from better photographers from this area / All the good shots, I felt had been taken already.  Plus, how bored will the people who follow my posts be of my posting photos from the same places over and over again?

But, I was compelled anyway. .  My tripod, my D800, only had 15 minutes on the ground to capture some stuff.  
It was an enjoyable little break to a long day!

It occured to me as I went through the photos, especially this one, that:

Even though I've stood in this exact spot with this same lens and similar settings, dozens of times, this photo had never happened before.  

The clouds were never exactly like this, the sun was never in this precise spot when I clicked the shutter.  
This kayak wasn't here at exactly this time.
Odds are, I probably wasn't standing in exactly this spot at exactly this time of day.
The light didn't fall in exactly this way to create the silhoette that I wanted.
The people on the pier were likely in a different configuration.
The boats were moored differently, the waves were spaced differently. 

Maybe the pattern of seagull poop on the pier, didn't reflect the light back up in exactly this way to create this halo effect.   :) 

You catch my point, though.    Find something you like and photograph it.   Even go back and photographic it at different times of the year, differently.   You might just surprise yourself in what you'll come up with!