They Built This On Calm Days, Like Today

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Whenever I see these relic piers in and around Mobile Bay, I wonder about the builders.   After they sunk the pilings and worked to erect the cross braces up and down the Pier, what were their expectations?  Were they seduced by the beautiful October weather on the end of a slow storm season. 

"This will be here forever", they said as they nailed in the last few boards and looked back to admire their work.   Or.. maybe in a time before Honey Boo Boo, Washington Gridlock, Twitter & Facebook, people were smarter.

Maybe they just figured, "It'll be nice while it lasts."

At any rate, I'm glad they built it even if the subsequent storms have battered their work.  After all, where else would the birds sit? ;)