Saluda Hill

The Gate
Saluda Hill is a private historic cemetery dating back to 1824.  Of those interned here, it is said to be the resting place of a revolutionary war veteran as well as several confederate soliders.

Behind this cemetery you can see the progress of Alabama's First State Veteran's Cemetery.    The cemetery has been under construction for a good period of time but I first learned of it from a local At&t representative & a city councilman, trying to get DSL for my home/office and trying to address larger issues concerning media delivery franchise rights in the town.

As they told me..
"But, I know/see you have available ports.   Can we get a management/override to get service at my address?"
"Look, they wouldn't open a DSL port for the veteran's cemetery just North of your house.  So, you don't have a chance."

I heavily commend Dr. Barry Booth of Spanish Fort, Alabama for his donation to help the new cemetery become a reality.    Anything we can do to honor Veterans' sacrifices  --- we should.