Broken Promises

Broken Promises

With election season over, on this Veteran's Day I'm hopeful that our government can set aside partisan politics to make the decisions necessary to work for the American People and the American Idea.

I was troubled to hear about a Veteran's Jobs Bill that was reduced to political fodder back in late September.    The bill aimed to set aside Government funds to help soldiers get back into the private workforce upon returning home.  Instead of working together, the two parties came to an empasse and the bill died.  The Republicans say it's unconstitutional, incorrectly proposed and not within the funding policy.  The democrats say the Republicans are stonewalling the legislation.  

I think most voters you speak with would say "c'mon guys... work it out."

I've heard it said that you can be a Medic in a war-zone for a branch of the US military and prepare/stabilize  critically injured soldiers for the next echelon of care but those same individuals, once in the private workforce, lack the credentials necessary to be a school nurse.

It seems as though bridge-certifications, taking those soldiers credits in an experiential fashion would help things along..  But, I presume there is no room for common sense in Washington, DC.    :|