Where this started..

Step into my Delorean, throw some PBR into Mr. Fusion and travel back with me to May 30, 2010.

With my wife's family in town, we made our annual trip to the beaches for Memorial Day weekend. My brothers-in-law and I piled into the truck and launched my (single) Honda Jetski on Big Lagoon near Pensacola NAS in Florida. (But, um, to be clear - not exactly Pensacola Beach on Memorial Day. ;) ) However, I'm sure 1 fat-short dude (me), 1 tall-big dude (Jr.) and 1 skinny-tall dude made an adorable sight putting across the no wake zones of Big Lagoon towards Johnson Beach. 
My brother in laws jetted off down the beach for some sightseeing and waves I hung back to chill-ax on the beaches with plans to meet more family who would later come by car with coolers, tents, gear, food and important to me -- my DSLR which I felt was unwise to include in a jetski ride.

The boys were gone for quite some time, apparently the sights were very good. I was enjoying the down time when I was caught unawares in a crazy summer lightning storm that often pop up in the South - especially the Gulf Coast.

I found shelter under this walkway, which runs between this solitary road on this nearly abandoned beach on the Lagoon. I rode out the storm with a pretty freaked out family from Idaho and thought enough of this makeshift shelter to snap this photo when the camera joined our little beach party.
So, why the long story for something so trivial?

This photo was my first attempt at an HDR photo and it was at this moment I decided to release a photo-a-day via Flickr from my own experiences and vision of Gulf Coast life. This shot actually hangs in my living room on canvas, it serves as a great reminder to me of the cool experiences that await me and my camera as I take time away from my indoors software dev after-hours tendencies to get out there and explore.