1st Attempt @ Film HDR

Sharing a (sort of) failure with you:

A few months back, I rediscovered my old, sorta cheap but trusty Minolta film SLR in the closet floor. So on a whim I decided to grab it and take it out for some attempts at doing HDR with film. Or, at least.. tone mapping with bracketed film results. 
Since it was on a whim, I couldn't find the best of film. In fact, 200 Fuji was all I could locate - even after visiting a local Calagaz. 
So, armed with my junky 200 Film and a camera I haven't shot with since my newspaper days, I headed out at sundown and shot this shot of one of my favorite piers. I then, sent off the film to have it developed and negative scanned. $40 and a few weeks later I got my picture CD and negatives. It was nostalgic to hold negatives in my hand again, being that in a past life I was a darkroom good at a newspaper.

Here is the result:

As you can see, my first result really sucks quite bad! Way… too noisy.. And this is AFTER noise reduction. Oh.. and just for added fail, there was a piece of hair in the image as well. :) So.. a good cleaning, some better film, I may give it another shot when I feel like wasting another $40.
And.. for posterity.. Here is the same image (mostly) shot at the same time with a DSLR and processed identically.