A Long Walk Back..


(Click through for full crop)

On Thanksgiving, this year, after eating too much food, I accompanied my wife's family to the park just to the east side of the "Flora-Bama' Point bridge for a sunset portrait session.   It was a very productive portrait session, I think everyone walked away with a couple of favorite shots.

Having multiple cameras sure comes in handy when shooting portraits of 10 people and racing the sun on its descent below the horizon.   I handed off two mirrorless cameras and I shot with my DSLR and a Film camera.   Looking through the results, each camera had some great shots.

On the.. long.. long.. walk back to the car I stopped and snapped this shot, handheld with that Panosonic micro 4:3rds camera.  I thought it was a compelling result, though smugmug crops this preview, strangely.

I hope your Turkey Day festivities were enjoyable.