Alternative Shopping


When it comes to photo-gathering around retail locations, I have this rule.  I try to be a patron of the location.

This sometimes leads to some new and interesting experiences, which is the whole point to my photography: gathering experiences.

Driving back to the boat after meeting a developer friend for lunch, this VW caught my attention.  I had my little micro four thirds camera in the car, so I stopped to get the photo.  Now, the quandry.   I'd never actually been in a head shop before.  At least, not as an adult.  (I think dad or mom may have taken me to one when I was a kid but that's another story.)

This VW sits nestled between a law office and this Hippy Store.  I like Hippies more than lawyers, so I went it.

Turns out it wasn't a head shop but a cute little hippie boutique.
 ..of course.. everyone inside was very friendly and helpful.   I considered this may be a good time to do some alternative shopping so I looked around, settled on a hacky sack for my son and a necklace for my daughter.   

This leads me to reflect on the startling presence of multiple, differing "life views" that I exhibit.

I go so very far left on some things and so very far right on others...   I like guns and wanted to be a marine, yet I like hippie culture.  How is that possible?  

I don't know but the hippie in me says I shouldn't care and the professional is telling me to get back to work..

So, enjoy the fun image and your Black Friday.  Be safe and consider shopping .. alternatively..