The Long Climb..

For Hump Day: A Story on Social Networking

 Ya know, I had planned this post for today but couldn't have planned the story to go along with it. So, I try to post things on Flickr and G+ and a Blog frequently. I don't want to say Daily because if I don't have something worthwhile to show, I'd prefer to not dilute the stream.  

..and since we humans are cause and effect observing creatures... It goes something like this..
I upload the post. Type what I'm feeling... Hit submit and go off and do some other task. Then, throughout the day from my Phone, Work PC, Tablet I obsessively click refresh a billion times to see if one other soul out there, saw the post. 

Given my station here on the intarwebs. That's usually two or three +1s and maybe a comment or two at most. Occasionally I get circled by a visitor. Cool! That interaction is thrilling to me.
So, today I see a photo on +Thomas Hawk 's stream (the handbra) and I make a silly comment about it. (Really fun shot!)  It's ironic that I got more Circles on my profile from a mammogram witicism than probably two months worth of photography. ;/
So in chat observing a live Google Hangout with Trey Ratcliff , RC Concepcion, Gino Barasa , Keith Barrett and a host of my other, frankly photography heroes, I make this comment in response to one of the Q&A guys that these folks are in a way, the gatekeepers to get noticed. If you get shared by Trey, man - you've arrived.
...and that discussion got really more play than I'd have preferred and maybe wasn't received with my intent.

Which sucks cause I really enjoy following these guys work and respect them all deeply.
So, today's photo is for those of us at the bottom of the social networking, follower count ladder. We have nowhere to look, but up! I know there have got to be 10's of thousands of fantastic photography artists out there that just.. never get seen. Wish we could find a way to get em' all an audience, ya know?

So much cool content to be discovered on this internet monster... ;)

oh... and about this shot specifically. When my son was born, I lost my home office so I use a small, very very old sailboat as my photography processing getaway. Actually got a little time to sail her and snapped this with a little mirrorless DSLR. 

Happy Hump Day! ;)