Minimalist Beauty

 For Tuesday:  Minimalist Beauty

 Sometimes, when capturing a photo, I find myself getting a little tunnel vision. Or maybe it's viewfinder-vision :)

 I was driving down the beach road in Gulf Shores @ sunset when I saw this image.  I was so preoccupied with pulling off the side of the road to capture it, I was somewhat unaware of cars around me.  It could have went poorly, but thankfully the nearest car was far enough away to just see me as a crazy-driver and not one that almost hit them.

 In my tunnel vision, I payed little attention to the "Authorized Personnel" only sign and walked down a stretch of beach to get at this angle.
Authorized Entry: As a G+ friend said, "A Classic Suggestion"
There is such a simple beauty here and I'm still a little torn as to the best way to present it.  I have so many captures, from light-to-dark but I sort of like this one in the transition between the two.    

The three palm trees and their silhouettes sort of reminds me of the three crosses.  As you stand in awe of another of God's sunsets, the parallel isn't hard to make.
Happy Tuesday, Friends