Where the Trolls Live

If trolls live under bridges, what lives under piers?   I know there's a joke in here somewhere.  

Speaking of Trolls..   Over the weekend I posted this photo of the City of Mobile taken from across the port.   The sky was boring, so I used another photo from my personal stock of sky photos to make the sky a bit more interesting. 

The same night, I stayed up really quite late doing some much-needed site update work.  The next morning, I got up pretty late to find this gem in my inbox:

Dear "Photographer",
Your image called Port City Nights showed up on my feed this evening.    I have family in the area and clicked the thumbnail to see more.  

The Gulf Coast must be a forgiving place to live and call yourself a photographer.   This photo and many others I see on your pages have blatant and tasteless processing.  Don't quit your day job.

<Name Omitted>

PS, Drones r the biggest nusance and waist of time of the decade. You thank your being creative but your really just being a jerk.   Just stop.

I don't get messages like this often but when I do, they do entertain me.  This one, might be the all-time winner given the awesome grammar - which was honestly hard to even copy and paste  - chrome wanted to correct it!   

At any rate, I hope Mr. Pleasant stops by the site again to read this and other posts.  I do read the emails but I don't get too worked up about this stuff.  The internet isn't going to Troll itself. :)

Seriously, normally I wouldn't even share these but I'm feeling playful, trolling the trolls.  A veritable TrollPocalypse!  :)  

Wishing everyone, trolls included, a great week ahead..