Tilt Shift of Mobile and Drone Talk Tonight (Updated)

One of the things about Drone photography of Cities is that it really lends itself towards a tilt-shift treatment.   If you haven't seen the CBS Late Show intro, check it out.  It was done by Fernando Livschitz (https://vimeo.com/bsfilms)  and his work is awesome.

In the spirit of imitation being the greatest form of flattery I tried my hand on this shot of turning a drone photo into a tilt-shift creation.   It looks like I have much to learn :)

On the topic of drones, I'll be giving a chat this afternoon with the Eastern Shore Camera Club in Fairhope's Faulkner Campus, Centennial Hall - tonight at 6:30pm CST.   Drop by and join us for a look at Drones in photography and film!

All slides from today are available for download from: