Fair Fun

My memories of the fair are pretty fond.   I really looked forward to meeting up with friends and riding rides, people watching and eating carnival food.  My kids, being 9 and 6 get excited about the fair and my daughter looks forward to meeting up a friend who comes along with us.   Since Jena doesn't share my appreciation for rides, I'm happy that her friend talks her into trying new rides each year.   

This year, the new-to-us came in the form of a hang-glider ride at the bottom left of this photo.   My daughter actually rode it a couple times, I did too - it was awesome fun!

After the rides and festivities and spending nearly 30 minutes watching the model train layout setup inside the coliseum, we got the kids settled in the car and was able to do a quick flyaround of the fairgrounds.    Careful to keep the Inspire 1 over surrounding fields and not over people, I'm pretty happy with the resulting unedited video.   The lights always make for an awesome aerial spectacle!

The link to the video fly around is here:  https://youtu.be/iDuez6Z6VKw