Crazy Clear September Nights

Here on the Gulf Coast, it isn't common to have such reasonable humidity and clarity in September.  Great for Astrophotography and Astronomy in general!     This is a 10 minute single exposure taken via a remote observatory in New Mexico.  

This particular scope was a Takahashi FSQ-ED 106mm.  I love everything about this scope!  Probably my favorite 'rental'!   I like it because it is equipped with the same SBIG STL-11000M 10 megapixel imager that I used for awhile on my telescope here at home but with the better optics that I can't really justify owning here on the hazy- humid Gulf Coast :)

This is probably the clearest single Luminance frame I've ever captured.  Once I combine them for color it should be a good wall-hanger for my office!  :)

I've been banking my observatory hours most of the summer and I've scheduled out most new-moon nights out through November.  Should be some good astrophotography opportunities ahead!