Somewhere on a marker board, a phd is scribbling physics symbols that we laypeople could barely interpret into complex equations that are thought to symbolize the nature of the universe.

I don't really fully comprehend this but the way I understand it is apparently some of these PHD brainiacs theorize that our universe exists within a sea of other universes and more specifically that our universe may exist on the membrane of an extra-dimensional bubble afloat in a vast sea of other bubbles.  Maybe the Big Bang was an event spurred from the collision of two such bubbles or some other interaction of cosmic objects in this extra-dimensional space.

Still, somewhere else in the world a couple of young guys are sitting around a campfire, smoking a joint and having a similar conversation:

"Whoa.  Dude, What if... the whole universe.. is like.. in an enormous soap bubble. Just floating... "

"AH man, what if it popped!  That would be loud man!"

"DUDE!  That could totally have been the Big Bang!!"

As a culture, we'll treat the first guy with reverence and respect.  We will fund his research even if it doesn't go anywhere. The second scenario, most of us would look down on him and maybe even suggest he quit smoking so much weed, perhaps get a haircut and a job.

The point is that good ideas can come from anywhere; the Harvard grad or the surfer drop-out.  Even if the delivery is off or isn't polished, a good idea is still a good idea!   Sometimes, I don't think we keep this in our own pea-brains when we hear new ideas from unexpected voices.